That’s logistics, baby

CamionPallets on pallets of goods delivered just in time across Europe. Notrick , no deception: the secret

of this proven efficiency is to be found in a bulletproof  logistics network

«Our organization is extensive and meticulous – says Fabio Nonnis, UT Europe Logistics manager – able to meet the most varied situations, with the sole aim to fully satisfy our customers.»

The real strength of the logistics sector in UT Europe is in fact based on an efficient and rational method, the result of a scrupulous and careful organization that offers to the customers a 360 degree service, from production to delivery of the goods.

«But the plus of our service – reveals Kristin Friedemann, logistics operator Abroad – is not only the speed of delivery: thanks to a network of six logistics centers to which we can rely, in fact, the customer can order goods from the single board; pallet.»

Organization of production, the constant monitoring of the stock in the warehouse, the streamlining of operations management costs (transport, integrated logistics, in-out operations, etc.): everything is studied, organized and managed so that we can face even the most complicated situations that logistics arises, in order to satisfy the customers in any of their request.

«In a constantly evolving market – explains Matteo Barbarossa, logistics operator for Italy and Asia – even our logistics has had to adapt and shape the increasingly different needs of the customers. We are making a virtue of necessity we’ve also equipped to be able to provide services to customers who are not part of the large-scale distribution sector, which remains our core business.»

Always with a view to ensuring maximum efficiency and availability, UT Europe is preparing a B2B e-commerce service capable of ensuring deliveries even for small quantities of goods in a short time all over the country, thanks to a warehouse that prepares the orders and thanks  to a network of express couriers who care deliveries.

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