PLMA we are coming!


After the success of the first two editions of PLMA (2015 and 2016), UT Europe decided to return to Amsterdam for the most important event of the year in the private label field and will do it in great style.

The stand will be completely renovated, many creations will be added to the Italian company’s offer and the latest product lines will be presented in the brand new catalog, signed by graphic designer Alessandra Dagnino.

«We do a lot – says Alessandro Odino, Sales Manager – on our new certified Bio line, entirely produced in Italy. These are our three top products, facial cream, body cream and hand cream, in green version with the two ICEA Eco Bio Cosmesi and Vegan certifications».

The company bets on its thirty years of personal care experience and strengthens the charm of Italian Style and the quality cosmetics that has attracted capital from all over the world.
«Our products – says Massimo Garaventa, General Manager – are definitely competitive in their quality/price ratio, especially when compared to the major brands available in the wholesale distribution».

The goal of the group has always been to listen the needs of the customer, accompanying the creation of a product at every stage, from design to transportation to shelf placement. For this reason, UT Europe is one of the leading private label companies in Europe in the non-food sector.

The strong point of the group is its attention to production and care dedicated to the delicate stage of freight transport across Europe, thanks to the capillary network of warehouses it supports, delivering just in time from single cardboard, to pallet.

To find out more about UT Europe’s services, visit and to find out more you can contact the company directly at

UT Europe presents the new catalogue

This year we have really exaggeretad(quest’espressione non ha molto senso in inglese perchè non c’è questo detto, quindi metterei il soggetto): 90 pages, 3 brands, 70 products for 3 lines, and a single big company.

UT Europe loves its products so much that it decided to dedicate the right space to each of them, creating an extremely attractive catalog in terms of graphics and attention to its contents.
Another news of 2017 is about the division of personal care products in the following lines:

  1. Face Care
  2. Boy Care
  3. Wellnesscatalogo copertina
  4. Rinsing
  5. Men
  6. Bio Line
  7. Easy Line
  8. Razors
  9. Oral Care

There are new lines and with them, new products are added to the big family of brand Daily Touch, such as new products 100% BIO entirely certificated or the latest articles of Easy line.
To request the new catalog, please contact UT Europe on this page or, if you’re coming to the PLMA in Amsterdam on the 16th and on the 17th of May, come to visit our booth 616 , there will be surprises!

The 7 Tricks to Organize A perfect trade fair



The golden rule to optimize the investment of a trade show is to choose the right one! Every year companies receive rents lists of trade fairs to which they are invited to participate as exhibitors or visitors. It is therefore well, earlier this year, to program any event in which the company intends to adhere, calculating a budget to devote to each appointment.
Once you have planned the calendar of fairs is necessary to act in time to prepare everything in detail: transport and accommodation must be booked in advance to take advantage of affordable rates; the preparation of the material for the exhibition must be studied slowly to ensure you do not forget anything, perhaps acting in a rush at the last minute; we must invite, with a minimum of notice, customers, both existing ones and those potentials, and let them know through newsletters, post, or banner ads that the company will attend the event and will be glad to meet with anyone interested in his business.
Last trick: always predict plan B for everything. Unforeseen captain, but a serious company does not unprepared.


Center the target:
Different countries, show that you can find. it is important to be prepared about the customs of the country that will host the event and hit the target customer who usually attend the event. Not only is it important that the staff who will be present at the stand will be able to hold a conversation in English, or in the most spoken language in each particular fair, but also information about the company that will be distributed during the event must be understandable the highest number of visitors. More importantly, in this sense, the care of the stand: posters, billboards or posters advertising must surely be effective in terms of marketing, but above all accessible to visitors of the stand.



Be transparent:
Needless to lie, even counterproductive. If you have recounted wonders of which you can not follow up once back home the potential client will certainly be angry, and you can hardly offer a second time, even if you should change/expand. It is important to be direct with stakeholders and be clear about what are the strengths and weaknesses of your company and know exactly what you can actually offer their customers.
Clearly, we must not sin in excessive modesty, diminishing the quality of his business, otherwise you risk appearing weak and unconvincing.



A few square meters stand immersed in long corridors full of attraction is like a drop in the sea: to amaze certainly can not be blue. Products must be placed strategically, the furniture should be planned in detail (even the garment bag can not be placed at random and in plain sight), the stand walls must be treated with aesthetic taste (not too empty, but even full and chaotic), information material must have a pleasant and attractive graphics, and finally you have to submit original gadgets (the ballpoint pens are always useful, but maybe a little ‘outdated. By themselves are not enough).


Embarking but gracefully:
One of the most common mistakes during the early hours of the fair is to restrain themselves by shyness: a minimum of “running” is physiological, but usually these events last a few days, so it’s important to use every minute available. Who looks at a trade show has nothing to lose and everything to gain, for this reason it is essential to be found in open attitude, friendly and courteous without ever attacking passers-by imposing a brochure or a flyer, then they will end inevitably in dumpster immediately around the corner.


Teaming up:
The fair runs if the team works: even before the start you need to make a few meetings to share the objectives of the event and the preparation of the same, so as to sound all the same music and communicate to potential customers a feeling of unity and reliability.


Keep in touch:
Once the doors of the fair closed and also dismantled the last stand, you have to follow up the contacts acquired during the event (which will have been duly collected in an orderly manner and digitized hopefully).

Each contact may be the right one, then going back home it is crucial to recall all, send catalogs and samples and follow each project with particular attention: the only way you can be sure to realize a tangible return on your investment!

Inquire online and buy offline

informarsi on line e comprare off lineIt also happens the other way: inquire off line (in-store) and buy on line in an e-commerce or on the portals of large retailers to take advantage of lower prices.

It is now a fact: with the advent of new technologies and the sudden arrival of smartphones in our lives, the purchasing process has been drastically revolutionized to the point of forcing the offer world to care to the smallest detail its presence on the Web.

Web sites have become so impeccable shop windows, responsive and adaptable to any type of technological tool; traffic is monitored on the social pages like the sales statistics; web reputation of a brand is heard until the last blog or review site in which it was left a comment on this product.

All this change has inevitably turned the advertising world: the budget of a company today can not miss the “AdWords”? Just to mention one of the most used web tools marketing.
The network has become so invasive in the average user’s buying process influencing sales to 50% in large-scale distribution sector. Almost no product, in fact, is bought without being passed under the lens of the social network or blog to review the most followed, and increasingly the experience continues even after the payment with the sharing of the degree of satisfaction or disappointment with respect to the single product.

However, the Internet helps consumers not only in the selection of goods in a quality indicator, but it is also very useful for comparing prices and offers, more and more geo-referenced, leading the user to always make the best choice on the market, whether it takes place on-line, whether occurring off-line.
Last news on the UT Europe site is also in the carton sales formula that allows the consumer to exceed the retail to get more and more affordable prices, inclusive of shipping costs: /

Daily Touch has become Bio

Linea Bio Daily TouchThe Daily Touch line is growing: in 2016 new products for body care and face were added to the cosmetics family and rinsing products and many articles, appreciated by customers, have changed its appearance, modernized their image with a  new and very elegant graphic.

The 2017 could not be outdone, and so the new year begins with the launch of three flagship products of UT Europe Srl, in Bio version.

Body Cream, Hand&Nail Cream and Face Cream, in practical airless tube are the last three articles Daily Touch that you will find on the shelves of specialty shops and supermarkets that are customers of UT Europe (IperTosano, Ekom, Dpiù, Penny Market, just to name a few).

The entire Daily Touch Bio line, produced exclusively in Italy, offers a high concentration of natural ingredients with strong smoothing and anti-aging effect, such as Karitè butter, vegetable glycerin, olive oil, Chamomile Extract and Vitamin E.

Again, the trust of consumers is not betrayed  the price of Daily Touch products, is always accessible and competitive in accordance with the main reference brands.

If the customer calls, UT Europe responds: the decision to dedicate a portion of its production to natural cosmetics has born from listening to new market trends. The fact, data referring to 2016, speaks of a trend from 460 million euro. It is now undeniable that consumers are more careful to ecological sustainability and more demanding regarding the composition of the creams or soaps that decide to buy. For this reason the three Bio Daily Touch products are nothing more than the beginning of a new proposal for those who love taking care of themselves, but also the environment.

In short, the Bio Daily Touch line will also be available on the E-commerce UT Europe, in the section dedicated to personal care, where the products are sold in cardboard at tiny prices, directly to customers home.

How much does a good graphic influence the purchase of a product?

Prodotti Daily Touch nuova grafica

In just a calendar year,  UT Europe Srl has completed the restyling of all brand Daily Touch cosmetics products. Without changing a comma in the quality of products, nor on the price, always affordable and competitive, the company from Genoa center and the international business has dressed the entire personal care line with modern graphics: hot silver and pantone marsala on an elegant black background.

If it is true that the eye wants its part, it is even more true that, among so many products displayed on the shelves of hundreds of supermarkets, the choice of  a buy is determined  95% by the emotion caused by the packaging view and colors.

But it is not only the view to lead the consumer’s hand from the exhibitors to the cart, and from the cart to the register: it is, in fact, an over-stimulated sense that  should also be supported by two other important senses:

  • Touch: how many positive emotions, or negative, can transmit the first contact with the product? Heavy, light, smooth, rough, etc.
    • Smell: once bought, for example, how a face cream can treat the perception with a good perfume and as consequence can trigger positive associations in the memory drawer?

To retain each individual user, however, it is not enough just “the first time”. A company has really scored a goal when the purchase is repeated with eyes closed and without second thought- at that point the product has affected the heart and the emotions of the customer.

The results of the sales of UT Europe 2016 show that: after trying the foot moisturizing gel, just to give an example, some customers began to order them whole boxes by e-commerce ( /home/63-gel-piedi.html)  to be sure to never run out. Thanks to its beautiful graphic? Maybe , but if it wasn’t an effective cream they would have stopped at the first tube.

Welcome back Daily Touch

Cosme TokyoExpectations were high and were not betrayed. It began the great 2017 for Daily Touch products that have seen their debut at the renowned Cosme Tokyo, the Asian fair that every year brings together thousands of manufacturers, suppliers and customers in the big world of cosmetics.

«Three days really intense – says the General Manager of UT Europe, Massimo Garaventa – but it was inspiring: many contacts, new insights and a lot of ideas to improve our work and make an ever more efficient service to our customers.»

There are more than 100 contacts, among those both Japanese and internationals contacts, who have expressed an interest to the Personal Care Daily Touch line. These will definitely go to increase the already vast panorama of the UT Europe customers.

«You can not establish the number of people who passed by our stand – says Valentina Greco, Asian market jr. purchaser – we were among the only two Italian stands and the only ones to offer our kind of products. We also had the honor to give an interview to a major Japanese newspaper … fingers crossed!»

Particular attention has aroused the new line of 100% Bio, previewed at the fair: hard to find anywhere else such a high quality in the composition of the ingredients, at an affordable price for large retailers.

Hand cream, body cream and face cream Bio branded Daily Touch, in fact, are rich of selected natural ingredients (olive oil, Karite butter, vitamin E, vegetable glycerin and chamomile extract) with actions antioxidant and anti-aging, rebalancing the lipid layer.

«We are confident – says Alessandro Odin, Sales Manager – that this new line of organic products will conquer the Asian market, as well as the European one, where we are already present in many countries, not only with Pesonal Care line, but also with the products of the line House Care and Tissue.»

UT Europe flies to Cosme Tokyo

cosme tokyo

After conquering the markets all over Europe and have started great relationships with the emerging Arab countries and with Russia, UT Europe Srl has decided to expand their horizons towards the far east, destination Cosme Tokyo.
The Asian trade fair for cosmetics in the latest edition has achieved mind-boggling numbers: in 2016, in fact, more than 23 thousand visitors have been credited, more than 600 exhibitors and 3500 participation at the conferences.

That is why the presence of the stand of Daily Touch brand is really strategic: «We decided to launch our brand into a new market for us, but with great potential – says the general manager Massimo Garaventa – the Cosme Tokyo, in fact, will be our springboard not only for Japan, but for the entire Asian region.»
The company is focusing on its thirty years of experience in the field of personal care and makes strength on the fascination exerted by the Italian Style and the cosmetic quality that always attracts capital from China, Japan and Arab countries.

«Our products – says Alessandro Odino, Sales Manager – are decidedly competitive in their quality/price ratio, especially when compared with the main reference brands available in supermarkets. We have high expectations for this year start date.»

For the occasion, we will also premiere the new line of cosmetics 100% Bio that will add to the great family Daily Touch the following products:

  1. Body Cream
  2. Face Cream
  3. Hand and Nail Cream

There are great expectations then for the Japanese trip of Daily Touch products that will be shown in their new graphics from the black line with hot silver and pantone marsala who met the tastes of customers always attentive to new trends in cosmetics.
To learn about all of the UT Europe brand products you can visit the gallery site where, in addition to the cosmetic line, there are also House Care products and Tissue.



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